Join me in The Inner Critic Series, and discover

The Way out of Creative Block into Creative Confidence

Are you a creative professional or a professional creative and are you not as kind to yourself as you wish to be? Is your Inner Critic a nasty personality in your life?

I have discovered a way out of creative block into creative confidence and created a series of short classes to share this with you. It’s playful yet deep and effective.

Join me in my Inner Critic Series on Skillshare. If you are new to Skillshare and you sign up via any of the links, you can take my classes and try out the whole platform for free for one month, no strings attached.

Watch the lessons and do the projects. You will learn a lot about this negative internal voice and its purpose. Most importantly, you will gradually take charge and learn to make use of their presence!

Lucy Lambriex 

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Cover Image of Third Class in the Inner Critic Series
Cover Image of Second Class in the Inner Critic Series
Cover image of first class in the Inner Critic Series
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Watch my first class here. My second class is here. An I’ve just released my third class that will help you turn your Inner Critic into an ally!
Lucy Lambriex

I use photography and other creative mediums as a tool for inner exploration and healing. 

Photography is a great tool to use when you want to explore your inner world, without it becoming too overwhelming. It allows you to externalise the ‘issue’ and it will also surprise you because it helps you bring to the surface what may otherwise remain unnoticed. It also helps you work through painful bits beautifully. A creative practice can help organise your thoughts, rewrite your history and visualise your future. I took a Post Graduate course in Therapeutic Photography at Robert Gordon University which taught me more about this beautiful medium and brought the underpinning of what I had already experienced myself.

A few photos that illustrate The Inner Critic Series part three

How do You Relate to Your Inner Critic?

To the right is a very unscientific graphic that shows how people may experience their Inner Critic. How is this for you? Are you okay with the voice in your head that talks you down and tries to stop you from embarking on new adventures? Would you like to discover how you can find a more positive co-existence with this sub-personality of yours? Come and join me in my Inner Critic Series on Skillshare and try it out for a month.

  • Does not have a critical voice inside of their head – 2%
  • Is sabotaged and even paralyzed by their Inner Critic – 13%
  • Has an annoying Inner Critic but can deal with it – 45%
  • Is aware of the positive aspects of their Inner Critic – 9 %
Lucy Lambriex "running" on Persian rug outdoors

photo: Robin de Puy

I’m Your Creative Inner Travel Agent

All-around creativity, playfulness, photography, and turning inwards with reflective writing, are the tools for everything I do. With my approach, the tools will help you find a path to your inner nooks and crannies, in a light manner and at your own pace.

As a child, my mother taught me photography and I also inherited her creativity. My father’s genes and way of life gave me technical insight and the ability to solve problems. At the Rietveld Art Academy and in my personal life, all these qualities were sharpened and developed. 
Life also threw some hefty lessons into my lap, just as it is supposed to be. It made me a more compassionate person. I also discovered how I turned my own pain into suffering, and I learned how to stop doing that.
Over the years I’ve discovered I’m much more interested in photography and creative expression as a tool, than as a result. Therefore I am currently studying Therapeutic Photography and I paint with people with dementia to help them reconnect with themselves.

It is my dream to create a mixed offer of online and real life courses, workshops and sessions that will help people deal with loss, insecurity or anxiety. I strongly believe that we must face and go through the hardships of life in order to become free.

I’d love to take you on one of my creative Inner Journeys!

Lucy Lambriex


“Creativity, photography, and reflective writing are the tools for everything I do. With my approach, the tools will help you find a path to your inner nooks and crannies, in a light manner and at your own pace.”
Lucy Lambriex

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